Concert Band is made up of students in grades 7-10 and meets everyday. The ensemble plays grade 2-3 music, and also uses the SOE book III as a suplemental text. Concert Band performs at three concerts each year.
Some of the works performed by the Concert Band:

Concert Band
  • The Invinvible Warrior: David Shaffer
  • Frank Erickson:Air For Band
  • James Swearingen:Chesford Portrait
  • Samuel Hazo: Ascend
  • Barry Kopetz: A Jubilant Tribute
  • Stephen Melillo: The Last Outpost of Freedom
  • Karl King: Hosts of Freedom
  • David Shaffer:Raging Thunder
  • Robert Smith: Commemoration
  • Barret: English Suite (mvmts I&III)
  • Robert Smith: Affirmation Overture
  • Karl King: Valley Forge March
  • James Swearingen: Baywood Overture
  • David Shaffer:By Dawn's Early Light
  • Robert Sheldon: Pevensy Castle
  • Dvorak/Sweeney: New World Symphony
  • Larry Daen: A Song For Friends
  • James Swearingen: Blue Ridge Saga
  • Leroy Jackson: Little English Suite, excerpt 2
  • James Swearingen: Aventura
  • Ed Huckeby:Abington Ridge
  • arr. Balent:Greensleeves
  • Von Suppe/Williams:Light Cavalry Overture
  • James Swearingen:Baywood Overture
  • Elliot Del Borgo:A Christmas Trilogy
  • John Edmonson:Norland March
  • Robert Smith:Affirmation Overture
  • James Swearingen:Ashton Overture
  • James Horner/Moss:Music From Titanic
  • G.Sebesky:March King
  • Douglas Court:A Christmas Proclamation
  • James Swearingen:Mystic River Fantasy