Louise Matheny showing off the first uniform of the band. Parts of the uniforms were made by band parents. Catherine Matheny made some of the capes.  ( mid 1930s)

James Matheny in back row with BUS band in the 1940s. He played trombone in the back row. Jim also played several other instruments as they were needed. He is the younger brother of  Louise
Matheny pictured at left. Before the band , Berne
Union had a small orchestra Both Irene and Marie
Matheny played in the orchestra at BU.

The Beat Goes On !

Left is Mary Ann Matheny
She is the Aunt of Mitchal
McCrady now in the Band

Judy Stoner, younger
sister to Jim Stoner in the BUGRMB during the middle 1960s.
Note the addition of the Cross Belts.
Youngest sister
Joannie was also a member in the late

James Stoner
following in his aunts and uncle's foot steps as a
member of  the new name Golden Rockets  Marching Band.

A Picture of Patrick Long in 1976. Note the different trim on the sleeve front.

James and Dan Stoner as members of the Berne Union Golden Rockets Marching Band during the late 1980s and early 1990s. While their younger Sarah was not a member of the marching band, she did play in the concert band.  Uniform has changed again.