Cedar Point Trip
SAT 06.OCT -- 07.OCT

  • The cost is $88 per student and is due by Friday October 5th
  • full schedule and all general parent info is here, including a list of what students should bring.
  • Athens contest starts at 10:30. Full schedule is here.
  • Directions to Athens here.
  • Perkins contest starts at 5:00. Full Schedule is here
  • The address for Perkins is: Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St, Sandusky, OH 44870

    Saturday September 30th

    8:00 OTF
    8:45 Inside, load truck
    9:15 Load charter buses (provided by Boosters)
    9:30 depart school for Athens competition
    (1 High School Rd The Plains, OH 45780)
    10:20 Arrive Athens, dress
    10:55 Band moves to warm-up
    11:05 Warm up begins
    11:50 Band Leaves warm up
    12:05 Band reports to gate
    12:15 Perform at Athens Competition
    12:30 EAT on site, CHANGE! (Lunch provided by Boosters)

    1:45 Awards
    1:45 Depart Athens for Perkins High School
    (3714 Campbell St, Sandusky, OH 44870)

    5:20 Arrive Perkins HS Competition, dress
    6:05 Move to warm-up
    6:15 Warm up begins
    6:45 band leaves warm up
    6:50 Band reports to gate
    7:00 Perform at Perkins Competition
    8:45 Pack trailer; EAT (student expense)
    9:30 Awards at Perkins
    10:15 Depart Perkins for Cedar Point’s Express Hotel
    (1201 Cedar Point Dr. | Sandusky, Ohio 44870)

    10:30 Arrive Cedar Point’s Express Hotel, sleep

    SUN 07.OCT.18

    8:30 Eat breakfast at hotel (provided!!)
    10:30 Depart Comfort Inn Upper Sandusky
    10:45 Arrive Cedar Point
    11:00 Park opens
    Eat lunch (Provided by Boosters)
    Eat Dinner (student expense)
    5:45 depart Cedar Point

    9:10 Arrive BU