Marching Band Tracks

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2012: A Hero's Journey

  • 2012 Opener: Whatsoever Things Mark Camphouse
  • 2012 Production: Battle of the Heroes John Williams
  • 2012 Ballad: Sleep Eric Whitacre
  • 2012 Closer: The Dragon and the Knight Stephen Melillo

    2011: DUEL
  • 2011 Opener: Duel Of The Fates John Williams
  • 2012 Ballad: Suite From The Mission By Ennio Morricone
  • 2011 Closer: Antithigram By Jack Stamp

    2009 Show: From The Earth To The Moon
  • 2009 Opener: Also Sprach Zarathustra/To Tame the Perilous Skies By Strauss/Holsinger
  • 2009 Ballad: Twelve Seconds To The Moon, Part 1 By Robert Smith
  • 2009 Closer: Twelve Seconds To The Moon, Part 2 By Robert Smith
  • George M. Cohan Grand Old Flag

    2008 Show: From Dusk Into Dawn
  • 2008 Opener: Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night By Mark Camphouse
  • 2008 Production: Festival Of Light By Stephen Melillo
  • 2008 Ballad: Lux Aurumque By Eric Whitacre
  • 2008 Closer: Celebrations By John Zedechlik
  • 2008 Cadences
  • Fight Song

    2007 Show: Vesuvius: The Death of Pompeii
  • Frank Ticheli: Vesuvius
  • Steven Reineke: The Witch and the Saint
  • Franz Beibl: Ave Maria
  • Frank Ticheli: Vesuvius

    2006 Show: Seasonal Metamophosis
  • John Gibson: Pegasus (2.0M)
  • Malcom Arnold: 2nd Mvmt from Four Scottish Dances (1.8M)
  • Eric Whitacre: October (3.7M)
  • Paul Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis (4.1M)

    2005 Show: For Those Who Serve
  • Stephen Melillo: Into the Storm (4.7M)
  • Sam Hazo: Each TIme You Tell Their Story (4.5M)
  • Stephen Melillo: Under Cover of Night (4.9M)

    2004 Show: Symphonic Dances
  • Clifton Williams: Symphonic Dance (2.8M)
  • Ralph Hultgren: Bushdance (4.0M)
  • Jaques Press: Wedding Dance (3.3M)

    2003 Show: American Salute
  • Morton Gould: American Salute, Opener (4.3M)

    2002 Show: GODSPEED! The Music of Stamp and Melillo
  • Jack Stamp: Gavorkna Fanfare (4.3M)
  • Stephen Melillo: Form and Function (2.7M)
  • Stephen Melillo: Before the Storm (1.9M)
  • Stephen Melillo: GODSPEED! (2.6M)

  • BUHS Fight Song: Fight For Berne Union (1.0M)