Brass Ensemble Tracks

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(more recent recordings are listed first)

  • Giovanni Gabrieli: Sonata No. 13 (2.8M)
  • Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzona a 12 (3.4M)
  • Percy Grainger: Austrailian Up-Country Tune (2.5M)
  • Andriano Banchieri: Fantasia Terza (2.6M)
  • Andriano Banchieri: Fantasia Quinta Decima (1.8M)
  • Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzona per sonare No. 1 (2.9M)
  • Josquin Des Pres: Fanfare (800K)
  • William Billings: Chester (2.1M)
  • Tony Evans: Captain Morgan's March (940K)
  • Tony Evans:Trelawny-Cornwall (976K)

    Percussion Ensemble Tracks
  • Excaliber
  • Suite From Carmen
  • Marching Season