Audio Production Classes

     2013.14 will mark the 10th year that the music department has offered its Digital Audio Curriculum (Audio Production One, Two, and Three). These are year long courses giving students an opportunity to learn, hands on, about digital recording.

      Students learn how to work with the standard equipment found in recording studios, including microphones, mic pres, compressors, effects, and mixing boards. All of the recording, editing, and mixing is done using Pro Tools software. For a complete list of equipment visit BU Studios and click the equipment link.

     The classes spend part of the term learning about audio post-production (for film) and sound design. Using Pro Tools, last year's (2011) Audio Production Two completely reproduced the audio for a four minute scene from The Lord of the Rings. The only original audio retained was the score; all of the effects, Foley, and ADR were created/performed by the class members. The class then mixed these stems to create the final sound track.

      Here is a link to view this project.