A sample of some of BU Studios' work



  • BU Jazz Ensemble: Tank
  • BU Jazz Ensemble: Mood Indigo Brittany Jeffers, Vocals
  • Ben Arnold, Ernie Bastine: 12-8 Blues Small Jazz Combo
  • BU Jazz Ensemble: Fever Big Band Jazz w/ Vocalist Michael O'Hara
  • BU Jazz Ensemble: Abracadabra

Vocal Artists

  • Abbi Squires: Stars and the Moon Female Vocals w/piano, drums, bass and strings (mp3 7.2M)
  • Abbi Squires: Christmas Lullaby Female Vocals w/piano (mp3 6.6M)
  • Elizabeth Latorre: Elshadi Female Vocals w/piano (mp3 5.6M)
  • Elizabeth Latorre w/BU Wind Ensemble: Oh Holy Night Female Vocals w/concert band (mp3 4.0M)
  • Stacey Muck: I Still Do Female Vocals w/Piano (mp3 5.5M)
  • Cliff Rowe: Supper of the Lord Male Vocals w/piano and oboe (mp3 5.9M)
  • Cliff Rowe: There is no Rose Male Vocals w/piano and oboe (mp3 3.6M)

Large Ensemble (classical)

To here more BU band mp3s visit the band's web page.