BUHS Studios is part of the Berne Union High School Music Department. The studio began operation in 2002 with the intent of recording various school ensembles for archive purposes as well as for a yearly CD. Since its inception BUHS Studios has produced seven CDs and six DVDs for the music department completely in house (save duplication services), and many singles, demos, and EPs/LPs for other parties.

     The studio started with just a few mics and basic equipment, but has since grown considerably both in the amount and quality of equipment, and is now a fully equipped 16 track Pro Tools LE studio featuring Adams monitors, API, Great River, and Focusrite ISA mic pres, and Peluso, Josephson, and Beyerdynamic microphones. The large band room (46' by 52') serves as a live room for tracking purposes, supplemented by two iso booths and the control room.

     The studio averages 15 to 20 sessions a year, with about 60% of those being curricular school ensembles, the rest being outside groups/individuals. The studio specializes in recording large and small instrumental ensembles (concert band, marching band, jazz band), but also does work with rock groups, solo vocalists, voice overs, and other artists.

     The studio also serves as a learning environment for the three high school Audio Lab classes, which give students the opportunity to learn, hands-on, all aspects of the recording process, from tracking, to editing, to mixing. The students split their time between the studio and a 15 station Pro Tools M-Powered lab located in the high school Media center.

     BU studios is run by band director J.D.Latorre. For more info contact JD.